The Sender Family and Shmita
Fulfill The Halachot (Jewish Laws) of Shmitah (Sabbatical/Fallow Year)
Partake in Shmita Observance Appoint the Sender Family as Your Shaliach Though evacuated from Gush-Katif Supported by our Rabbis

Partake in Shmita Observance

You Want to Observe The “Halachot” (Jewish Laws) Of Shmita, But Because They Only Apply To Those In Israel, And You Live Outside Of Israel, You Cannot Fulfill This Mitzvah?

Appoint the Sender Family as Your Shaliach

The Sender Nursery Operates Under the Strictest of Halachic (Jewish Law) Standards in Observance of Shmita.
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Though evacuated from Gush-Katif

Though evacuated from Gush-Katif – we continue to work the land
Help Us Grow Our Dreams and The Land of Israel and Build Our New Greenhouse Nerseries in New Ganei Tal
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Supported by our Rabbis

Read the letters of Rav Rimon And Rav Sifroni For Reference.
Both The Appointer And Appointee Are Rewarded With Fulfillment Of The Particular Mitzvah At Hand.


The Sender family has an intense love for the People and the Land of Israel. They have rebuilt and continue to do so with only love.

Supported by our Rabbis


The Sender Family lived in Ganei Tal in Gush Katif. They along with many other communities were evacuated en-masse in 2005. They have rebuilt Ganei Tal and stuck together.

Supported by our Rabbis

Join Us!

Take part in the Mitzvah of Shmita while helping the Sender Family grow their dream!

Supported by our Rabbis

What is Shmita?

Information about Shmita from Wikipedia

Supported by our Rabbis
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Time Left until the beginning of the Shmita Year:
2 Months and 2 Days

Partake in shmita observance by making a donation and appointing the Sender Family as your Shaliach (messenger)

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